Curatorial Practice

Curating is situated in a whole ecosystem of conception, education, artist liaison and public relation. I am experienced in site-specific, low-budget and long-term exhibitions as well as the development of new display formats, always in the realm of contemporary art with a historic contextualization. I am deeply connected to social practice and feminism, with a strong academic background in art history and theory, and therefore, able to develop exhibitions on different topics.


Writing is a tool to understand the world, allowing to ask all kinds of questions. I write for different publishers in the position of feature writer, correspondent, and reviewer. I am also frequently contributor to catalogues and introductions.
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Art Education

I believe that art and its diverse formats need different forms of mediation. Depending on its specific necessities I am available for guided tours, thematic lectures, introductions, artist talks and other forms of public speaking. There are also further possibilities for art education apart from the regular formats, get in touch to discuss more ideas.