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Lost then found - Portraits of Andy Warhol

„Lost Then Found“ brings to light intimate images taken in 1981 at the La Belle Époque style Royal Hotel within the decadent French town of Deauville. The serendipitous meeting of the Daily Express photographer Steve Wood - veteran of war front lines and fashion shows - and the world’s greatest modern artist manifested through a mutual friend: the late famous New York restaurateur Elaine Kaufmann - owner of the celebrity hangout ‘Elaine’s’. Despite reluctance on both sides, Wood finally agreed to photograph the shy Andy Warhol, finding the light that had inspired the Impressionist painters a hundred years before perfect for the pale, private, wan artist. Wood captured the pop artist in various extraordinary un-Warhol like poses - with a giant sunflower, backpack, engaging stare, winking, eyes closed and close-up head shots - resulted in some of the most incredible and candid images of the star we have ever seen. The 35mm slides languished in Wood’s large filing cabinet unseen for more than 30 years. Then in 2012, during another serendipitous incident, Wood’s friend and fellow photographer David Munns stumbled across the lost images. Amazed, and immediately recognising the subject, Munns urged Wood to release the images to the public - “Lost Then Found” began to see the light of day.