Cheat Sheet: Podcasts for Art and Culture Lovers

I am a real podcast-nerd-in-chief. It is the perfect format for everyone who commutes a lot, a nice alternative for a long run or the best thing to take with you into the shower or bath (it doesn't get wet like a book, unless you drop the speakers, so put them in a careful distance!). Art and culture have to do a lot with storytelling and I think this draws me to the podcast format. If you start listening to podcasts you will notice that the formats differ from interviewer, topic and aim. Some episodes are short and want to inspire or give fresh authentic insights on personal views, others are longform podcasts and need their time to develop a conversation. Be patient! In a time where we need instant gratification it can be hard to focus on long conversations, but it is really a fantastic chance to learn to calm down and exercise to focus on ONE thing instead of multitask.

There are a lot of podcast apps out there. My favorite one is podcast addict (Android, free), I can find all of my favorite shows, search for episodes or specific interviews. You can download the episodes, in order to listen to them if you're not connected to WiFi. Another big plus is the sleep timer function, to fall asleep with some inspiration.

If you have an iPhone I've heard, that the Overcast app is pretty useful.

In case you're totally new to this, you can also click on play below and listen to the episodes in your browser.

And finally, woop woop, here is a selection of the podcasts I listen to and some recommendations of my favorite episodes. I would love if you'd share your favorite ones in the comments.

The New York Public Library Podcast

The Library hosts an incredible amount of more than 55,000 programs annually! The guests reach from celebrities, to well-known authors, thinkers and artists. It is the perfect podcast for some food for thought.

  • Episode #82: Pattie Smith on authors she loves

  • Episode #60: Diane von Furstenberg on confident women
  • Episode #52: Sarah Lewis & Anna Deavere Smith on inspiring failures
  • Episode #54: Massimiliano Gioni in conversation with Jeffrey Deitch on Art and Spectacle

Longform Podcast

She Does Podcast

  • Miranda July
  • Amy Schumer

FURTHER Podcasts you should consider:

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