Lessons learned 2017: Life and Business

I don't know about you all but every end of the year I get all reflective and love to sit down with a good cup of coffee (with several refills) and see where the current year has led me, what I've learned, my victories and also what did't work out and what I should stop doing. This process helps me so much to plan the year ahead. While it is scary to put this personal thoughts out there one of the biggest lessons I've learned this year is to embrace vulnerability. To honor this lesson here is my list:


  1. Do what you need to protect your energy (change your mind, take a day off, speak up, let go).
  2. If you're stuck don't underestimate the power of putting pen to paper.
  3. There is no secret to success; it's called persistence.
  4. Discipline can be more important than talent.
  5. Your need for instant gratification will be your downfall.
  6. Grieve your losses and then move on.
  7. Speak up when there is injustice.
  8. Celebrate your successes. Seriously, keep them close, write them down and revisit them every now and then.
  9. Reward yourself.
  10. Celebrate the wins of others. It's so easy to be a critic but we could really use more "cheerleaders".
  11. Be generous with compliments.
  12. Prioritize your own time management and set boundaries. Remind people of end-time, this is particularly important for meetings (define the duration before!)
  13. Structure life into seasons: time to go full speed needs to be followed by time for reflection and inspiration. In winter nature prepares to bloom in spring, be active during summer, to harvest in autumn and go full circle again.
  14. Be a good negotiator on your own behalf.
  15. Indecisive people become a victim of circumstance.
  16. Ask for help.
  17. Reach out to people. The worst thing that can happen is a no.
  18. Rethink your relationship with money. Value it.
  19. Set concrete financial goals.
  20. It's important to fight against things but it is also essential to have your YESes straight. Know what makes you say wholeheartedly yes. What nourishes your soul?
  21. Get rid of toxic culture, misogynists, normalization of cruelty, peoply who can't listen to the end of your sentence.
  22. Prioritize your self-care and if it helps remember every now and then: Not my circus not my monkeys.
  23. Your need for instant gratification will be your downfall.
  24. You cannot limit yourself and expand at the same time.
  25.  Just because I love what I do doesn't mean that I owe anyone to work for free. 

Stop doing

  1. Stop trying to be all things for everyone.
  2. Stop overthinking.
  3. Stop wasting precious energy for insignificant matters.