Learnings 2018: Life and Business

In the tradition to review the past year, close chapters and start new ones here a few of the main learnings of 2018. If you’re curious there is also a list of lessons 2017.

Lots of my Year-End reflection happened This year in the South African Sun; here in the company of a curious ostrich

Lots of my Year-End reflection happened This year in the South African Sun; here in the company of a curious ostrich

  • Context is the future

  • There is so much truth in this sentence "Real wealth is never having to spend time with assholes.” (based on John Waters) via Austin Kleon

  • If you don't ask for it, you're not going to get it.

  • Better means progress and that's good enough. Perfect is an illusion. Always go with better and work from there.

  • Progress is not linear.

  • A good leader is like a gardener and grows people as she is aware that monoculture brings problems.

  • Find your own definition of what success means to you. Have a look at my ongoing interview series where I ask art professionals about their notions.

  • The key to success is the balance of being adaptive and being intentional (My book highlight in this regard has been Adrienne Maree Brown’s: Emergent Strategy).

  • What you pay intention to grows (Adrienne Maree Brown).

  • You have to create space in order to welcome new possibilities.

  • Ambition has to be rooted in Self-Care.

  • Keep something to look forward to.

  • Stay close to nature as much as possible.

  • Honor and know your seasons.

  • My most valued questions when I’m overwhelmed: How can I see this differently? How can I make this easier for now?

  • Don’t wait for the fear to go away. You’ll have to figure the HOW during the process.

  • Putting pen to paper continues to be my best tool to think and plan.

  • Start a compliments or “little victories” folder that you can revisit when impostor syndrome hits you.

  • If you resonate with the work of somebody (books, articles, paintings etc.) share the sentiment, send them wine and chocolate, let them know. It's interesting that no matter how successful somebody seems to be, they too suffer from impostor syndrome. And on a related note: Clap for the success of others!

  • Nurture relationships

  • Value your time

  • If it costs your values it’s too expensive

  • Even if it seems inexplicable, trust your gut.

  • All oppression is connected (Staceyann Chin)

  • all that you touch
    you change
    all that you change
    changes you
    the only lasting truth
    is change
    is change
    - Octavia Butler